Full Circle

Who knew a year ago we would pretty much still be in the same boat we were last March? I remember back when Covid-19 was just beginning and people were saying things like, “Well it’s only those who have auto immune disorders and pre-existing conditions that may die from it.” It was like a punch to the gut. I have an auto immune disease and pre-existing conditions that could’ve put me at risk. It was like being talked about while still in the room. Many of us got the message-we were expendable.

Flash forward to 2021 and now there is a vaccine that everyone seems to think is going to solve our problems…EXCEPT there are those who cannot or may not be able to take the vaccine. That means that we are right back to where we started, “It’s only those with a possible serious side effect that can’t have the vaccine.” Again, we are expendable.

Oh but wait there’s more! If perchance one of those pre-existing conditions caused an issue making it extremely difficult to wear a mask, we were told we didn’t care about anybody else, except ourselves and we were putting others in danger. So, what you are saying is that we are expendable, but you are not? Therefore if it’s only those of us with these “issues”, our lives don’t matter, but if it effects you ALL lives are important?

Do you see how convoluted the thinking was and still is? People are expendable if you are not “one of those people”. Not one thing in all the “precautions” we have taken makes sense, nor protects anyone. I can go to a drive through coffee shop and need to put a mask on (in my own car), however if I don’t have one they will give me one and if I refuse they won’t give me my drink? I need to wear a mask to go into a restaurant to pass by others sitting at a table without masks to sit down and take my mask off, yet my server must still wear one. I wear a face shield into a medical facility for testing and am asked if I have a regular mask, when I say I cannot wear one I am given a little slip of paper that essentially marks me for ugly faces, sometimes reactions and stares by other patients the whole time I am there. I have sneezed and coughed into my face shield (no it was not pretty and I don’t recommend it) and it has gone all over the shield and nowhere near anyone else. Yet my husband has coughed while wearing a mask and I felt the air expelled from his mouth. People have become mean in their treatment of their fellow man. Even some of us who live a life following and obeying Jesus, myself included, are having trouble loving our fellow man because of the vitriol and hatred that is being spewed. And now again there are those who are disposable.

We have come full circle.

What Are We Doing

There is a question that has been circling in my brain for quite awhile…other than a vaccine what are we going to do about the virus? We all know that vaccines do not have 100% efficacy. Just like antibiotics one will work wonderfully for one person and be woefully inadequate for another. We are rushing to a vaccine like it will be a panacea to all of our problems. Even the chicken pox vaccine took 25 years to develop. We are even arguing over treatment. Reputable doctors who have treated patients with hydroxychloroquine are being told that they don’t know what they are talking about because it is not effective past a certain point. Guess what neither are OTC cold medicines. So use HCQ when the infection is early onset and find something else for later on. THAT is what we should be doing, not this tit for tat that seems to be happening along with the constant flip flop by the “experts”.

We keep waiting on a vaccine instead of finding a way to effectively TREAT the virus. People get the flu shot and still manage to get the flu if it is a different strain so we have medicines that will help with symptoms or we monitor them if serious enough in a hospital setting.

We need to seriously look at what we are doing. We are creating agoraphobes out of our children. They only know to play in their own yards, they don’t know how to hug and be hugged anymore and have very limited interaction with each other. Yet we linger here waiting for the miracle vaccine.

We force people to wear masks that do little if anything, yet if we don’t like them or object we are called uncaring, Karen, selfish and a plethora of other names while virologists wear this to work.

What are we doing? Seriously what are we doing?

Any comments that are unkind in nature will be deleted. Your opinions matter, but your hatred does not.