Don’t Even

I have got to get control of this anger. It’s not good for me and it’s not a good representation of Christ. I will tell you why I am angry. There are some people calling themselves children of God yet support the actions of groups like BLM, ANTIFA and others. They choose to distinguish themselves as “people of color” and complain of discrimination. Guess what everyone has some sort of color to their skin. Some people are dark, some light, some brown, some yellow, some tan, some clear, it’s called melanin and is part of the perfect plan of God so that our ancestors could live in the areas of the world they came from. It does not make you better or worse and it certainly does not give you the right to claim that your life needs to matter before everyone else’s does.

I watched in dismay last night, the news unfolding and those who I thought were brothers and sisters in Christ speak of how rubber bullets weren’t used, that white people got to protest differently and they chose to take their stand by the color of their skin and not their position in Christ. I saw their talk of discrimination and how they were treated differently by white people and I began to seethe.

I really became irate. I wanted shake them and scream at them, “Do you want to know what real discrimination is?! It’s being rejected by all people no matter the color of their skin because your mind does not work like everyone else’s! It’s being told you can’t because you take a little longer to catch on! It’s being left out over and over again because you are different! And guess what it doesn’t matter what color your skin is!” This kind of discrimination happens to so many people and it’s happened to people who live in our home perpetrated by people of ALL colors. THAT is discrimination not the “wrongs” you believe.

Then I awoke this morning and began to think of the ultimate discrimination; sending Jesus to the cross. He was sent to die not because He did something, not because of the color of His skin, but because of the wickedness of men’s hearts. Because of some of us want to be better than everyone else. Because we cannot seem to unite against evil. Because we would rather draw lines of distinction instead of working towards unity. Because it’s always someone else’s fault. Because we see ourselves as separate not as ONE race under God-HUMAN.

My heart hurts today and my anger still smolders. I have got to reign it in or it destroys my witness as much as the behavior and speech of those I have described.