Curmudgeon Christian

I think it just might be my day to be grumpy. I haven’t been getting enough sleep and people are beginning to bother me. Ok who am I kidding people bother me regularly I just don’t always voice it. Yes, I know that is the time I need to pray for patience and understanding and on most days I do, but on other days I am more like Jesus overturning tables and being angry that the money changers are defiling MY temple.

One thing that is a constant bother to me, and this is strictly my opinion, are the comments (and those like it), “They just need Jesus” and “Instead, we should be praying for them.” First of all yes, those who are lost DO just need Jesus, but there are times that someone else is needed to help guide them to the love and comfort of Jesus. For instance an addict/alcoholic….this person may have even known Jesus, but slipped away from Him. This person is lost and right now couldn’t find their way to the bathroom let alone back to Jesus. This is when another saint is required to come alongside of them and gently guide them back home all the while giving them tools to help them on their journey. Secondly, I pray for many many people, from those that I know personally, to those that I don’t know, but can see their actions and they do need prayer. However, there are times that even Jesus made a person(s) painfully aware of their behavior. As I mentioned before, the money changers, and even the woman at the well was made aware of her previous behavior. Heck even Peter in Matthew 16:23 was told, “But He turned and said to Peter, “Get behind Me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to Me; for you are not setting your mind on God’s interests, but man’s.”

Jesus didn’t mince words. I will grudgingly admit His words were probably much better than some of the words I come up with, however it still does not mean that Jesus gave people a free pass on bad behavior. I think at times that this is some of what is wrong with this world and why as Christians we are seen as judgmental. We are not consistent with how we handle situations. Too many times we give some things a pass and then others we go in Bible verses blazing, because we are more confident on the rock which we stand.

Who knows maybe I just need another cup of coffee and some time on the shelf to get my act together…..nah it can’t be just me.



One thought on “Curmudgeon Christian

  1. I agree completely. Too many times people think if they just throw love at the problem it will fix it. YES there are times that love is all that is needed, however I think that it is far less often then Christians admit. If i had To give it a percent, maybe 10 percent an all out love response will work. The ROD of correction is not used nearly enough.

    It also bears to mention that it is importantto know when to call off the dogs


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