Where HE Leads

So many thoughts run through my head at times. Some sound really good while still trapped in my head and others find their way out of my mouth and I wish I could take them back.

I wasn’t always raised to follow Jesus. That doesn’t mean I did not have a relationship with God I just wasn’t all that invested in the whole “He is my Lord and Savior” thing. I had read the Bible, not sincerely understanding parts of it and others dismissing because I simply couldn’t be bothered. It has been said the fastest way to find your way back to Jesus is to experience a trial. It took till I was an adult and was embroiled in one whopping trial before I actually reached out and prayed with all I had to Jesus to just help me. There is no doubt in my mind that I could not have weathered that storm without Him and other trials that have come along. However, it’s the day to day living that I find most difficult; the moments when things are going well and I become complacent and apathetic that I feel I just don’t follow through with the whole following the prompting of the Holy Spirit or even looking for the sign that I need to zig instead of zag. That is what this blog is all about, or at least that is the direction I am starting out in and I promise I will do my best to listen to that still small voice to lead me where my writings are to go.

So pull up a chair and join me in the chaos that I call “ME”. I am hoping that my learning to follow where HE leads will help someone, let someone know that they aren’t alone in their earthly flesh, or at the very least prompt you to say, “Thank goodness that is not me.”IMG_2975