Humor Me


I have heard the question asked, “Does God have a sense of humor?” My first reaction is, “Are you kidding, have you met me?” I have come to believe that occasionally, when we fall into a trap of our own making and God sits up there laughing at our human-ness. I think that at times He leaves us to our own devices strictly because He needs a good laugh. I KNOW He gets plenty of them with me. If God were the type of person here on earth that we have all encountered He would constantly be telling me, “I told you so.”

We have seen examples of God’s humor (at least I think so) when in 1 Samuel the Israelites were using the Ark of The Covenant like a very large rabbit’s foot or good luck charm. They brought it into the house of Dagon. The next day they found the idol of Dagon face down on the floor. So, they picked the idol back up and set it to rights. The next day the idols hands and head were cut off. In this instance though God was laughing at the opposition that the Israelites were showing by bringing The Ark into the house of Dagon.

Sometimes I wish God would hit me with a metaphorical 2×4 like He did with the idol of Dagon, but nooooooo those are the times where I must learn the lesson on my own by tripping over either my own feet or tongue. The tongue one is usually the more painful of the two because then I usually need to apologize and that is so hard to do. Then there are the other times where I do get the metaphorical 2×4 and I don’t even know what I did. That is when it’s so much fun…..said no one ever! That is when I have to figure the lesson out instead of having cliff notes to at least give me a clue. Let’s face it I am, for the most part, lazy and I don’t want to have to figure the lesson out. But God in His omniscience knows this and understands that for me to learn the lesson I need to discover what it is first.

There are all sorts of examples of humor in the Bible even if the word is not in there (I’ve looked so I will save you some time). Although I am not sure who cannot laugh at God using a donkey to speak to Balaam even in His anger. In the creation of the animals, who doesn’t find how a penguin walks humorous or that a walrus has a beard, and come on really, do you not find the existence of the platypus  hilarious?

God created us in His image, so if there are things that we find funny I am sure that He too finds humor in our everyday happenings. The world has taken and warped what is considered funny in many cases, so that could be the impetus for the question, “Does God have a sense of humor?” If you can’t find the answer in your own life, come find me, have I got stories to tell.